Sunday Morning – Third Edition

October 15, 2017

Today is very special for me … today is my late father’s birthday – he would have been 105 today. There are so many times I would love to sit down and just talk to him … he had an interesting life that ended way too soon to that dreaded disease – CANCER.

Our visiting artist this week is someone I have followed for a while on FaceBook and is an amazing writer who always makes me think when I read her words … welcome Meg Haney – The Indomitable Megnolia … read her piece and give her some love in the comments.

Robert Moulton’s The Devil’s Slot Machine will run all month long until the next installment is available in November … this is a must read from Part 1 to Part 15.

There is a feeling of fall in the air in Central Texas … hunters are roaming the stores in their camouflage gear … this is the first hunting season they are able to purchase beer and wine locally.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning – Third Edition”

  1. Hope readership continues to grow here, Annie. Simultaneously thinking about my own father, who would have been 100 this year, but died at 73, and scratching my head about the sense of hunting with beer & wine now available. What could possibly go wrong?

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  2. Dad died at 76. Well with the hunters able to buy booze locally they are not driving to the next towns drunk to replenish their supply!


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