Sunday Morning – Edition Five

October 29, 2017

Five weeks into this little experiment … I will continue because the contributors are amazing … and I plan to add more in the future. Starting small is always best and work toward a final goal … but with writing and other artistic endeavors there really never is a final goal because art and literature are infinite.

My guest artist this week is Kevin Stickler a local artist and furniture maker … check him out!

My piece this week is a rant brought on by several incidents related to our current political situation and how people are treated. I am political to an extent, but when people are treated less than human I cannot and will not stay silent.

Next Tuesday, November 7th is election day.  Let your voice be heard and VOTE. Most places currently have early voting for the rest of this week … find your polling place whether you vote early or on election day. Acquaint yourself with what is on your local ballot and exercise your constitutional right to being heard at the ballot box while it is still a constitutional right.

Robert Molton’s The Devil’s Slot Machine Part 15 – and all previous submissions are found under his name in the menu bar. If you have not read this account of Hurricane Katrina please take time and read from Part 1 to Part 15 and be ready for Part 16 as soon as it is available.

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