Sunday Morning – Edition Seven

November 12, 2017

I hope to get Sunday Morning actually posted by Sunday Morning next week. I am still recovering from the Cedar Fever attack and get tired really easy … but I at least am posting on Sunday rather than Monday this week!

Mama Kitty had nearly four days of freedom last week. She disappeared in the predawn hours of Monday the 6th and was ready to come back inside about the same time Thursday the 9th. She spent several chilly nights and one day and night that was cold and rainy living in the rough. She came to me late in the afternoon on Wednesday but I could not get her to come inside and I learned my lesson not to chase her because the old girl can run when she wants to. Also, I didn’t want to stress her any more than she was stressed by the weather conditions … but she seemed ready to come inside … just not Wednesday night. I tried several times and she wasn’t having it. At least she is alive, no worse for wear, and wasn’t tempted by the death traps that evil little man has all over the neighborhood. Unfortunately, two of my male barn cats have been MIA since sometime Tuesday … afraid they did fall into the death traps. Enough already!

The week of Thanksgiving is another anniversary of the murder of JFK … I refuse to call his death an assassination … it was murder pure and simple. I wrote a piece this time last year about the remembrances of my 11-year-old self during that horrible time in our country which I will share next Sunday.

This week I am so happy to be able to share not only the art but some amazing pictures of my lovely friend Joss Rossiter. She lives in London now but was a citizen of South Africa for a long long time. Joss took her dream vacation to the Giraffe Hotel in Africa recently and shared some of her pictures from that trip … as well as some art that was inspired during that trip and an early trip to South Africa this summer. You will definitely enjoy her work and will be seeing much more of her art in the future. I am honored to have two of her unique pieces of art.

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