Sunday Morning – Thanksgiving Week Edition – Eight

November 19, 2017

This week we celebrate another year of being thankful as a country. This week is also the anniversary of the murder of John F Kennedy. I have wondered as an adult where our country would be had he lived … and had Martin Luther King, Jr. lived … and Bobby Kennedy lived. Too many “what if’s” but I think our country would be in a much different and much better place than today.

The news cycle for the past week has been riddled with accusations of molestation, harassment, sexual predators past and current … as well as a growing sense that my country and yours was not sold but given on a silver platter to Russia and Putin. My heart is heavy going into the beginning of the annual holiday season … thankful that we are still a free country – for now – and thankful that as a citizen of the United States I am allowed to worship as I choose – for now. No promises what the new year will bring.

My piece for this week was written last year when I was reminded of my childhood friend’s grandmother – Fat Grannie – and the events of the week when JFK was murdered – the week when I felt true fear for the first time and horror at what had happened to our president in my own state. If you were on this earth during that horrible week, I ask you to reflect on what it was like for you personally as you read my personal reflection through the eyes of a child.

This year Thanksgiving Day is also the wedding anniversary of my parents. Neither are with us and have been celebrating this day in another realm since my mother’s death in 2003 … my father preceded her in 1976. I am the last of this line of my family having no direct relatives and only a handful of distant cousins.

No updates this week for Robert Moulton, Ella Ruth, Peggy or Joss in Guest Artist. Next week I will update Ella Ruth and Peggy. Robert is currently working on the next installment of The Devil’s Slot Machine … and … beginning the first week in December, Joss will have a regular section of her art and I am extremely excited to include her each week.

Another section I plan to add beginning with the first December edition is a section of my recipes – Kitchen Poetry. In the meantime you can see some of my kitchen hack recipes at my food website

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week – hug your loved ones – tell them you love them – eat too much – watch too many football games and Christmas movies – and be thankful for every minute you have with both friends and family.

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