Sunday Morning – Edition Nine

November 26, 2017

I hope each and every person reading had a wonderful Thanksgiving … or some of you may still be celebrating Thanksgiving today as well.

Where has the year gone? At times it has moved at a snail’s pace and other times at ‘warp’ speed. Christmas is less than a month away and I am never ready.

I planned to begin Joss Rossiter’s section in the magazine for the first December publication, however, I can’t wait to show off her amazing art. I am the lucky owner of two of her pieces and honored to have them in my home.

I will not have a selection written by me this week … but one that I want to share written by Mary Oliver. The older I get, the more her writing speaks to me and I think this one will speak to you as well.

No updates this week for Robert Moulton, Ella Ruth Morgan, and Peggy Blackwell.

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