Sunday Morning – Edition 12

December 17, 2017

We are one week and a day away from Christmas … I cannot believe this year has gone by so fast. So much has happened – good and bad – but I guess every year is like that, however, this year seems to have all the bad’s in the lead.

This week my writing takes on a different twist. I have written recipes for years and had a food column for a couple of years on another website. I have my own food website where I post kitchen hacks and quick and easy recipes that make my life easier and hopefully for those who stumble upon it – – which needs some TLC after much neglect recently.

That being said, this week in my section I have posted a couple of recipes I wrote recently and were written to be used with a power pressure cooker. I have been converting recipes from my crockpot favorites as well as writing a few new ones since I purchased a 3 quart pressure cooker or what I call my Mini.

For those of you who are dedicated crockpot users I still have mine … in fact I have 4 ranging from 1.5 quart to 6 quart and still use them. Yes both power pressure cookers have a slow cook setting, but there are things I do in a crockpot that are not always a meal. One of my favorite things is to make Greek Yogurt in my 1.5 quart even though my Mini has a Yogurt feature which is just as easy as my crockpot method and takes the same amount of time. Using my crockpot for this frees up my Mini to cook a quick meal that I don’t want to use the 6 quart pressure cooker because it is just too big for the purpose.

With the current events of the past week I could go on a crazy rant … but I won’t right now.

While making my first post this morning, all of my tabs that I use in creating each edition decided to disappear. I have pulled back up some of the most frequently used sites and recreating the tabs for was of use, but I lost several recipe tabs that I wanted to keep handy … well Mercury is in Retrograde so I am blaming that on the technology glitch.

Have a Blessed Holiday season and a Merry Christmas … I will take a break from posting until after the New Year … hopefully the rollback of Net Neutrality won’t make that an impossibility … we all are waiting to see what happens next with our access to the internet.

This edition will not have updates for Robert Moulton, Joss Rossiter, Peggy Blackwell, Ella Ruth Morgan or my Guest Artist … I need to look through their work and have the best for my next edition.

Sunday Morning – Edition 11

December 10, 2017


One day I will get my life together and actually publish on Sunday morning … but better one day late than never!

I am excited about the contributions this week … such wonderful writing and writers and pictures from photographers and art from artists … I am continually humbled by the talent not only around me in my little Central Texas town, but the wonderful talent of those writers, poets, and artists who are my friends through a variety of social media situations.

My guest artist is a dear friend who was there for me when I spent long crazy days recovering from a nasty upper arm fracture. She has been a mentor in my writing and gently nudged me into the world of publishing my work. Heidi is not only the writer of two book series – Obsession and Destiny – but a damned fine poet and short story writer.

The crazy vote to kill Net Neutrality this week may put an end to our access. Our ability to reach out to friends across social media, search the internet for information, read newspapers and magazines on-line, and even this little fledgling magazine may have to pack up its web address and disappear into obscurity.

It seems every day another of the things that make and have made our lives easier and more rewarding, things we take for granted, the ability to look for a recipe, look up information and research for a piece of writing we are working on, looking for just that right picture to illustrate something. It seems in the past 11 months more and more of our freedoms as US citizens are disappearing and no one is doing anything about it. If we are not careful and ever vigilant our once prosperous and highly respected country will become a sad commentary of the Hunger Games or worse. Please fight back … resist in any way you can from where you are and make sure what we have doesn’t disappear and take us back to the struggles of nearly 100 years ago. I still cannot believe my country is no longer my country and may not recover in the years left in my life. My heart aches for the children and grandchildren of the future … as well as the rest of us.

Rant over …

Sunday Morning – Edition 10

December 3, 2017

Actually this is being posted on 12/5/17 … but it is for the December 3rd edition. Life is unpredictable and sometimes gets in the way of bet intended plans. Please excuse the tardiness of this week’s edition and forgive my giving in to the effects of the universe — Full Moon/Super Moon and Mercury going Retrograde all on the same day. These occurrences seem to have their effect on me more and more as I get older. Could not stay away Sunday and most of yesterday to get things taken care of … hence my tardy posting today.

Please have the people in California fighting and fleeing a new round of wild fires … there is always a tragic event I think is related to climate change … no one is immune.