Sunday Morning – Edition 11

December 10, 2017


One day I will get my life together and actually publish on Sunday morning … but better one day late than never!

I am excited about the contributions this week … such wonderful writing and writers and pictures from photographers and art from artists … I am continually humbled by the talent not only around me in my little Central Texas town, but the wonderful talent of those writers, poets, and artists who are my friends through a variety of social media situations.

My guest artist is a dear friend who was there for me when I spent long crazy days recovering from a nasty upper arm fracture. She has been a mentor in my writing and gently nudged me into the world of publishing my work. Heidi is not only the writer of two book series – Obsession and Destiny – but a damned fine poet and short story writer.

The crazy vote to kill Net Neutrality this week may put an end to our access. Our ability to reach out to friends across social media, search the internet for information, read newspapers and magazines on-line, and even this little fledgling magazine may have to pack up its web address and disappear into obscurity.

It seems every day another of the things that make and have made our lives easier and more rewarding, things we take for granted, the ability to look for a recipe, look up information and research for a piece of writing we are working on, looking for just that right picture to illustrate something. It seems in the past 11 months more and more of our freedoms as US citizens are disappearing and no one is doing anything about it. If we are not careful and ever vigilant our once prosperous and highly respected country will become a sad commentary of the Hunger Games or worse. Please fight back … resist in any way you can from where you are and make sure what we have doesn’t disappear and take us back to the struggles of nearly 100 years ago. I still cannot believe my country is no longer my country and may not recover in the years left in my life. My heart aches for the children and grandchildren of the future … as well as the rest of us.

Rant over …

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