Sunday Morning – Edition 12

December 17, 2017

We are one week and a day away from Christmas … I cannot believe this year has gone by so fast. So much has happened – good and bad – but I guess every year is like that, however, this year seems to have all the bad’s in the lead.

This week my writing takes on a different twist. I have written recipes for years and had a food column for a couple of years on another website. I have my own food website where I post kitchen hacks and quick and easy recipes that make my life easier and hopefully for those who stumble upon it – – which needs some TLC after much neglect recently.

That being said, this week in my section I have posted a couple of recipes I wrote recently and were written to be used with a power pressure cooker. I have been converting recipes from my crockpot favorites as well as writing a few new ones since I purchased a 3 quart pressure cooker or what I call my Mini.

For those of you who are dedicated crockpot users I still have mine … in fact I have 4 ranging from 1.5 quart to 6 quart and still use them. Yes both power pressure cookers have a slow cook setting, but there are things I do in a crockpot that are not always a meal. One of my favorite things is to make Greek Yogurt in my 1.5 quart even though my Mini has a Yogurt feature which is just as easy as my crockpot method and takes the same amount of time. Using my crockpot for this frees up my Mini to cook a quick meal that I don’t want to use the 6 quart pressure cooker because it is just too big for the purpose.

With the current events of the past week I could go on a crazy rant … but I won’t right now.

While making my first post this morning, all of my tabs that I use in creating each edition decided to disappear. I have pulled back up some of the most frequently used sites and recreating the tabs for was of use, but I lost several recipe tabs that I wanted to keep handy … well Mercury is in Retrograde so I am blaming that on the technology glitch.

Have a Blessed Holiday season and a Merry Christmas … I will take a break from posting until after the New Year … hopefully the rollback of Net Neutrality won’t make that an impossibility … we all are waiting to see what happens next with our access to the internet.

This edition will not have updates for Robert Moulton, Joss Rossiter, Peggy Blackwell, Ella Ruth Morgan or my Guest Artist … I need to look through their work and have the best for my next edition.

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