Sunday Morning – Edition 10

December 3, 2017

Actually this is being posted on 12/5/17 … but it is for the December 3rd edition. Life is unpredictable and sometimes gets in the way of bet intended plans. Please excuse the tardiness of this week’s edition and forgive my giving in to the effects of the universe — Full Moon/Super Moon and Mercury going Retrograde all on the same day. These occurrences seem to have their effect on me more and more as I get older. Could not stay away Sunday and most of yesterday to get things taken care of … hence my tardy posting today.

Please have the people in California fighting and fleeing a new round of wild fires … there is always a tragic event I think is related to climate change … no one is immune.

Sunday Morning – Thanksgiving Week Edition – Eight

November 19, 2017

This week we celebrate another year of being thankful as a country. This week is also the anniversary of the murder of John F Kennedy. I have wondered as an adult where our country would be had he lived … and had Martin Luther King, Jr. lived … and Bobby Kennedy lived. Too many “what if’s” but I think our country would be in a much different and much better place than today.

The news cycle for the past week has been riddled with accusations of molestation, harassment, sexual predators past and current … as well as a growing sense that my country and yours was not sold but given on a silver platter to Russia and Putin. My heart is heavy going into the beginning of the annual holiday season … thankful that we are still a free country – for now – and thankful that as a citizen of the United States I am allowed to worship as I choose – for now. No promises what the new year will bring.

My piece for this week was written last year when I was reminded of my childhood friend’s grandmother – Fat Grannie – and the events of the week when JFK was murdered – the week when I felt true fear for the first time and horror at what had happened to our president in my own state. If you were on this earth during that horrible week, I ask you to reflect on what it was like for you personally as you read my personal reflection through the eyes of a child.

This year Thanksgiving Day is also the wedding anniversary of my parents. Neither are with us and have been celebrating this day in another realm since my mother’s death in 2003 … my father preceded her in 1976. I am the last of this line of my family having no direct relatives and only a handful of distant cousins.

No updates this week for Robert Moulton, Ella Ruth, Peggy or Joss in Guest Artist. Next week I will update Ella Ruth and Peggy. Robert is currently working on the next installment of The Devil’s Slot Machine … and … beginning the first week in December, Joss will have a regular section of her art and I am extremely excited to include her each week.

Another section I plan to add beginning with the first December edition is a section of my recipes – Kitchen Poetry. In the meantime you can see some of my kitchen hack recipes at my food website

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week – hug your loved ones – tell them you love them – eat too much – watch too many football games and Christmas movies – and be thankful for every minute you have with both friends and family.

Sunday Morning – Edition 6

November 6, 2017

Sorry for the late posting folks but sometimes life gets in the way of art. I have been fighting Cedar Fever since last Thursday and Sunday was the worst day of the battle. Robert Mihaly asked me if Cedar Fever was like Hay Fever … my response was WORSE.

The cedar in my area usually doesn’t cause me to have allergic reactions when the pollen is flying, but last week we had several days of hot humid south winds that blew in the dreaded Red Cedar that tries to kill me.

Today I feel mostly human again … the only lingering symptom is being very tired and a wretched cough.

I have been diffusing my favorite Young Living essential oils to fight off the dreaded Red Cedar Pollen … RC and/or Eucalyptus Blue in the kitchen diffuser and SniffleEase with E. Blue in the bedroom.

Hopefully tomorrow will find the cough on the way out as well.

This week I am showing off the talents of several writers other than their writing … Cheryl Maggie and Joe Hesch are danged good photographers and Cheryl does amazing painted tiles. Enjoy their other talents this week.

Keep me in your thoughts, I have gone through some trying times the past several weeks and struggling a bit personally. This morning was the worst. My Grand Old Lady, my sweet Baby Girl, my Mama Kitty got out the door. I chased her for nearly an hour and poof … she disappeared. I haven’t seen her all day and it has been nearly 5 years since she has been an outdoor/indoor cat due to some health issues. I hoped she would turn up at dark, but nothing. I ask for her safety during the night and her return in the morning. Things are not safe in my neighborhood for roaming cats right now and I fear for not only her safety but her very life. However, her desire for the freedom of being outside was stronger than the comforts of being inside and pampered. I hope she enjoys her last bit of freedom because I don’t think I will ever see her again.

Sunday Morning – Edition Five

October 29, 2017

Five weeks into this little experiment … I will continue because the contributors are amazing … and I plan to add more in the future. Starting small is always best and work toward a final goal … but with writing and other artistic endeavors there really never is a final goal because art and literature are infinite.

My guest artist this week is Kevin Stickler a local artist and furniture maker … check him out!

My piece this week is a rant brought on by several incidents related to our current political situation and how people are treated. I am political to an extent, but when people are treated less than human I cannot and will not stay silent.

Next Tuesday, November 7th is election day. ┬áLet your voice be heard and VOTE. Most places currently have early voting for the rest of this week … find your polling place whether you vote early or on election day. Acquaint yourself with what is on your local ballot and exercise your constitutional right to being heard at the ballot box while it is still a constitutional right.

Robert Molton’s The Devil’s Slot Machine Part 15 – and all previous submissions are found under his name in the menu bar. If you have not read this account of Hurricane Katrina please take time and read from Part 1 to Part 15 and be ready for Part 16 as soon as it is available.

First Edition – Sunday Morning

October 1, 2017

Here we go folks … hope you enjoy my first attempt!

To view each artist click on their name in the menu bar. There is no guest artist for this week unless I post someone tomorrow.

Part 15 of Robert Moulton’s The Devil’s Slot Machine will be posted during the day 10/1/17 … in the meantime … read the previous 14 parts to get caught up and ready for the newest segment!

I will be adding more information about each artist and adding artists as well.

Joe and Cheryl are published authors and will be posting information about purchasing their books!

Welcome to Sunday Morning

This is an experiment for me … trying a weekly magazine to feature wonderful people I have met … writers, artists, poets, photographers, etc … a place to share their work and occasionally some of my own writing.

The plan is to update each Sunday Morning … hence the name. Each artist will have their own page so you can browse their work or follow your favorite.

This is a work in progress … so … be patient and kind!