Ella Ruth Morgan

Introduction:  Ella Ruth lives in my tiny neck of the woods in Central Texas on a beautiful ranch. Her photography is amazing and reflects what she sees on a daily basis at Long Hollow Ranch! Follow her on FaceBook.

December 10, 2017

Deer - sniffing out hunters - ER
Texas buck
Lone Deer & Turkey Herd - ER
Young Deer and Wild Turkeys
Nice Buck - Singing the Song of his People - ER
Buck singing the song of his Tribe
Squirrel & Turkeys - ER
Nature in Harmony


December 3, 2017

More beauty from Long Hollow Ranch!

Super Moon - Dec - ER
Super Moon – Texas Style
Junco, Rufous-sided Towhee, Male Red Cardinal - ER
Junco, Rufous-sided Towhee and Male Red Cardinal
Scrub Jays - ER
Scrub Jays
Mocking Bird - ER
MockingBird – The State Bird of Texas


November 12, 2017

We had rain this past week and Ella Ruth captured nature decorated with these amazing crystal droplets!

ER - rain 1

ER rain 2

ER Rain 3
This almost looks like ice rather than ran drops!

ER Rain 4

ER - Rain
Mini waterfall
ER rain toad
Texas Toad enjoying the rain!



November 6, 2017

Fall in Central Texas. I am amazed at the color that can be seen a few miles away from the small rural town I call home. Ella Ruth has captured what is rarely seen by Texans.

ER - Fall 1

ER Fall 2

ER Fall 3

ER Fall 5


October 29, 2017

I constantly marvel at the beauty nature brings to Long Hollow Ranch and the joy I receive from Ella Ruth’s pictures.

Red Shouldered Hawk - ER
Red Shouldered Hawk
Blue Heron - ER
Blue Heron
Fawn - ER
Late Season Fawn
Praying Mantis - ER
Praying Mantis
Texas Jack Rabbit ... ie Long Ears - ER
Texas Jack Rabbit – ie Long Ears
Turtle Enjoying the Sun - ER
A Happy Turtle enjoying the Sun


October 22, 2017

A study in Black and White …

BW Ella Ruth 1
Covered Bridge
CenTEX Deer - BW - Ella Ruth
Central Texas Deer
Honey Tree - BW - Ella Ruth
Honey Tree



October 15, 2017

Monarch Butterflies made their annual trip south this week and Ella Ruth was able to capture their beauty.

Close up Monarch - ER
Source: Ella Ruth Morgan
And More - ER
Source: Ella Ruth Morngan
ER - Monarch
Source: Ella Ruth Morgan
More Monarchs - ER
Source: Ella Ruth Morgan
Monarch - ER 2
Source: Ella Ruth Morgan
Gulf Fritillary - ER
A Gulf Fritillary Source: Ella Ruth Morgan


October 8, 2017

Here are four amazing pictures of a creature I didn’t know even existed … Damselflies …

Source; Elle Ruth Morgan
Damselfly 2
Source: Ella Ruth Morngan
Damselfly 3
Source: Ella Ruth Morgan
Damselfly 4
Source: Ella Ruth Morgan


October 1, 2017

Butterfly on Indian Blanket
Hairstreak Butterfly on Indian Blanket
Dragon Flies
Halloween Pennant Dragonflies
ER - Hummingbird - Purple
Black Chinned Hummingbird
ER Hummingbird Orange:green
Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Monarch on wild flower
Monarch on a Gayfeather – Texas Wildflower

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